You can even plan a themed party that let your kid do what he or she loves to do the most. Check out these 1st birthday party ideas that your preteen will fall in love with!

Pool party

Fun games in the pool followed by tasty snacks and cake equals happy, smiling children at the end the day.

Pool parties are just amazing, more for children who love water. If you have pool at home, organizing a chill pool party gets a lot simpler. Decorations, clean pool, snacks, pool floats and cake are all you need to host a party at house.

Regardless of where the party is, make sure that the pool is free of chemicals and clean and other allergens. Most vitally, ensure that the kids are secure in the water, and your party will be a large hit with your kid. rent a Santa in December for your kid’s birthday party which is also great for the whole family.

Pizza party

Kids love pizza, so why not have a pizza party for your kid? The amazing part of a pizza party is that children can make their own pizza together and eat it too! The party can take place at your house with minimal supplies like pizza sauce, flour, cheese and toppings. Kids can design and can decorate pizza pies as they want and share it with each other.

Movie themed party

Here is another best 1st birthday party ideas! A movie themed party is fun, has sodas, and popcorn. Or, you can have a generic film theme with fake film tickets popcorn, stubs, sodas and perhaps even fake glasses for the excitement of it.

You can plan this theme party a pretty early and get custom invitations that look like film tickets, which the guests could bring with them to enter the party area! You can even plan the screening of a movie that the children might enjoy.

Garden party

An outdoor party is more amazing than an indoor one. If you have a garden with best space, why not plan a garden party with outdoor games for kids? You can have an evening party when the garden can be decked up with charming lights. You can have chairs and tables for a party dinners, have a birthday bonfire with a your near restaurant that has skewers, marshmallows, chocolate and more. That, plus cake and maybe pizza, with make the party a lot of excitement for your kids.